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Our values


    Our ideas have brought us very far

    The Marangoni story is filled with a continuous series of innovations, ideas and patents that have increased the level of quality of our tyres and their technologies to the highest standards. This on-going objective is one of the key driving forces of the Marangoni activities.


    We develop technologies to pave the way for ideas

    Many of the technologies that were developed by Marangoni have become historical for the tyre-manufacturing field. A Business Unit of the group is now exclusively in charge of the design and development of machinery and technology while keeping one clear mission in mind: designing the tyre's evolution and future.

    The end of a tyre is the beginning of a new environment

    Tyres with low rolling resistance for maximum savings on fuel; oil-free compounds; environmentally-friendly technologies: Marangoni pays careful attention to ecology throughout the entire manufacturing process and life cycle of their tyres, up until their incineration process, which generates electricity.